Alamo Springs Emergency Water Source Program

What is the program for?
Alamo Springs Volunteer Fire Department is signing up landowners who would like to have water sources on their property accessible to the fire department in case of an emergency.

Why do I need to participate?
A small 5 acre grass fire can sometimes take 5000 gallons of water to extinguish.  If your house catches fire, it could take 15,000 gallons to extinguish.  Since there are no fire hydrants, all water has to be trucked to the fire.  A tender truck can only carry 2000 gallons of water, so a water source close to the fire could save valuable driving time and therefore property and lives.

How is the program setup?
First, the landowner will need to contact the Alamo Springs Fire Department (990-1460 Gary Miller or 997-3010 Kevin Marquardt) to set up a time for an initial inspection by the fire department.

At the initial inspection, the fire department personnel will assess the viability of the water source to be used by the fire department.  A report will be given to the landowner that will include a list of items that need to be addressed such as steepness of hills, low hanging tree limbs and low power lines.  This report will also include any plumbing materials that the landowner will need to purchase and install if the water source is a closed tank.  The fire department will not purchase or install any plumbing fittings onto water tanks.

At the inspection, the landowner and the fire department personnel will come to an agreement on the maximum amount of water to be drawn from the water source.

Once all the criteria have been met, the landowner will call for a final inspection.

At final inspection, everything will be reviewed and the agreement will be signed.

If I agree to the program, what are the terms I must abide by?
One of the terms that the fire department requires is that the road to the tank must remain clear of all obstructions.  The fire department reserves the right to remove any obstructions that might be in the way to the water source.

Another term is that the fire department must be able to access the water anytime of the day, any day of the year.

What qualifies as an accessible water source?
Any pond, stock tank, open water tank, or closed water tank over 1100 gallon capacity can be used as a water source. Accessibility will be determined by the fire department and generally addresses the difficulty of obtaining the water by department vehicles.

Can I terminate the agreement when I want?
Yes, the landowner may terminate the agreement when they want.  However, the landowner must notify the fire department of the termination or the fire department will think it still has access.

Will the fire department agree to only use the water on a fire on my property?
Yes, there is a section in the agreement where the landowner may specify to only take water if the fire is on his property.

Will you take all of my water out of the tank?
No, at the initial inspection the fire department will determine a maximum and minimum amount that will be taken per fire.  If the tank is the primary water source for your house, the amount will be no less than 300 gallons and no more than 75% of the capacity of the tank.  If the tank is a secondary tank or if the fire is at your house, then with your permission, we will take a larger percentage of water.

Can the fire department take water for any purpose?
No, the water will not be used for training or any non-emergency use.  We will only use the water in the event of an emergency.

Please help out your community, donate some of your water to help others.

If you have any questions about the program please call Chief Gary Miller at (830) 990-1460 or Kevin Marquardt at (830) 997-3010.

Thank you,

Alamo Springs VFD