Alamo Springs Ranch Community To Rebuild Destroyed Home

By Steve Roldan
KSAT.comPOSTED: Tuesday, August 25, 2009, UPDATED: 6:17 pm CDT August 25, 2009


Pastor Egger's home

Pastor Egger's home

SAN ANTONIO — It’s a small community in Kendall County now picking up the pieces after a large brush fire.  The fire burned through property and homes in the area of Alamo Springs. That fire destroyed the home of the community’s pastor, Jack Eggers. “It took out the house so fast, they couldn’t save it,” said David Mesch, a member of Alamo Springs Community Church. “Him and his wife really loved living out here and loved the house. It’s just really hard.” 

Members of the Alamo Springs community built the home for Eggers and his wife to attract him to the community. It was built three years ago after the church was built. The Eggers home was destroyed by the fast-moving brush fire on Monday, the same fire that scorched about 200 acres in the Hill Country community. 

“He was so thankful that all his people were OK, and that that was the only house that went down,” said Beverly Condra, a member of Eggers’ church.  Many of the church members were grateful that firefighters managed to keep the flames away from other homes that were spared. They were also grateful that it did not damage or destroy their church, however, their concerns are now with Eggers.  “It can be rebuilt, and it’s just a matter of finances and getting the workers together to do it,” said Mesch. 

Church members are hoping to keep Eggers in their community, and plan to help him rebuild from the ground up. It’s a community brought together by faith and one rallying together to help one of their own. 

“It’s just sad for them, but God is good and he will go on and there will be some good things that come from this,” said Mesch.