Bufo Valliceps – Gulf Coast Toad

toad-spaHad a visitor recently. My beloved and I took our lawn chairs out to watch the meteor shower August 11th. Although we were one day early I figured we’d see some wayward, date-challenged meteors. Anyway, on the way out to the yard with our lawn chairs the dog started chasing something. Called him off to find it was a really, really big toad. So long as he wasn’t bothering us we’d leave him be.

Well, the meteor shower was a bit of a dud. I was folding my lawn chair to go in when my spouse gave a shout. Apparently, a meteor that had noticed I wasn’t looking decided to enter the atmosphere. If I’m to believe his story it gave off a greenish light and was spectacular. Hmmmmm.

OK, I proceeded across the lawn shining the flashlight around so as not to step on Mr. Toad.  Where’d he go? I wondered cause the coast looked clear. Then as the beam of light shone a bit higher it found Mr Toad on the screen half submerged in our water trough.

We have the trough out for the birds, deer and whatever wants to drink from it. Apparently Mr. Toad was using it as his love spa.

 Breeding Season – March through September

Males gather in ponds and other suitable bodies of standing water, and vocalize to attract females. Males climb on the backs of willing females, clasping them just behind the forelimbs, and fertilize the eggs as they are being laid.