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Alamo Springs Volunteer Fire Department

Alamo Springs Volunteer Fire Department L-R: Roger Lyon, Kevin Marquardt, Bobby Alston, Herb Calvert, Lucy Alston, Linda Miller, Robert Olson, Gary Miller, David Spencer.   Not in attendance Shannon Meredith A message from Chief Gary Miller

Kudos to Mike and Cindy, Alamo Springs Cafe

Yep, that’s Mike and Cindy’s burger on the front page of Texas Monthly. Congratulations! Go by for great burgers, live music on Saturday nights and a good, old-fashioned experience. Oh, and order a glass of Texas wine from Sistercreek winery.

Local Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Let the dog out about 2:00 am this morning. After he came back in I heard a bizarre animal call that sounded a lot like a crow.  I thought it might be a fox and confirmed by listening to this…

July 4th in Fredericksburg

Just 10 miles north of Alamo Springs Ranch subdivision lies the city of Fredericksburg Texas. This quaint village of population 17,000 had a delightful parade today.     

Pajaritos (little birds)

We’re so tickled to have a family of painted buntings living in a tree behind our house. They frequent a seed feeder and drink at the trough we have set up for the deer. Sadly, these little guys are threatened…


Stewardship: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care If you own land in Alamo Springs Ranch you are indeed blessed to be able the enjoy the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. However, this ownership is…

Star Light, Star Bright

Ever felt you could just reach up and touch one of the stars on a moonless night? The Ranch’s position between Comfort and Fredericksburg allows enough of an escape from city lights to enjoy evenings of shooting stars and satellite…


Greetings from “The Big Hill” in the Alamo Springs Ranch subdivision 10 miles south of Fredericksburg Texas off the Old San Antonio Rd. I will endeavor to post information relevant to this community which may include historical links and current…