Don't mess with Texas or the Alamo Springs Cafe

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, at approximately 10:00 pm a lone gunman, armed with an automatic weapon, robbed the Alamo Springs Cafe. He left with an undisclosed amount of cash and was later apprehended by the police department at the home of a relative. No injuries were reported.

I spoke with Mike Tangman, owner of the Cafe, on Tuesday as he readied the Cafe for business. He stated that the gunman fired 2 to 3 shots into a window and ceiling. Concerned for the safety of his employees and customers, Mike remained cool and collected and promptly turned over the cash. “I could have bull-charged him but, it just wasn’t worth it”, said Mike. “The safety of the people in the Cafe was the most important thing. It’s a done deal now, time to move on”.

Mike described the perpetrator as a young man from Florida with a history of mental illness. Although he wore a mask, his distinct voice identified him as a relative of an employee (now a “former” employee).

As I spoke with Mike it was clear that, instead of being angry, he appeared sympathetic to the predicament of the robber and his family. It’s hard on a family when someone with mental illness causes problems. One is torn between supporting the individual and having to do what is right and legal.

I left Mike as cars were pulling in the parking lot. The event of the past Saturday was put to bed. Time now for burger and fries. Yum.