Indian Trail Through Alamo Springs Ranch

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Cooper and his bride Juanita last year. Joe lives in Boerne and has compiled a website, , that has a plethora of information on the history of the Texas hill country. What put me in touch with him was my search for just where the Pinta Trail crossed the ranch, if it did so at all.

Some research had been conducted on the topic by a Ms Nina Nixon but efforts to access her information proved unfruitful. So, enter Joe Cooper with his determination to figure it out himself. If you read the story on his site you can see the effort he put into this project by reading his references for the information.

We’re all very blessed that Joe has made his information available to anyone who wants to know more about the Native Americans that traveled along the roads where we now live.

Please visit his site and while you’re there, check out his roses. He’s fashioned his site somewhat on the Wikipedia model such that he invites his readers to contribute on different topics.

Thank you Joe!

To read about the Pinta Trail go to and click on “Trails and Early Roads” on the sidebar. Scroll down and select “The Pinta Trail” link. The references to the ranch follows the link “…Trail Between Comfort and Sisterdale”.