Stewardship: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care

If you own land in Alamo Springs Ranch you are indeed blessed to be able the enjoy the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. However, this ownership is not without its responsibilities and I’m not just referring to the property taxes due every year.

You are the steward of the land until such time that it passes into someone elses hands. A few suggestions:

1. Use laundry detergent with the designation “HE” on it. This is a low suds soap which helps our wells.

2. Dumping is so stupid. Old car batteries and junk cars and equipment belong in the city dump, not on our land. Dangerous chemicals can drain into the ground and contaminate wells. It looks bad to everyone and has a negative impact on everyones property values. Doesn’t make the dumper look too good either.

3. Littering is trashy and only trashy folks litter. Pick up around the front of your property because no one else will. Even though it’s not your trash, do the right thing and pick it up.

A few weeks ago I saw a couple walking along Alamo Road with trash bags picking up litter. I greeted them and found out they were from some state up north. They were vacationing in the area and had chosen the ranch for a stroll. Said they always walked with trash bags to pick up any litter. Imagine that! They didn’t even live in Texas and were helping to make our ranch a nicer place.

Let’s all be good stewards, ok?