Alamo Springs Landowners Newsletter 2

From Rolf Smith, June 28, 2012:  This is a brief update on crime, burglaries and thefts at Alamo Springs.  If you know of any other break-ins, burglaries, or thefts that have occurred at Alamo Springs since August 2011, or can amplify on any of the crimes described below, please call it in to the CRIME STOPPERS anonymous line:  800-348-LEAD (5323) and e-mail the information to Rolf Smith for inclusion in the newsletter and the Alamo Springs website.

There is an informative article that appeared in the Fredericksburg Newspaper on July 4th regarding the Gillespie County Crime Stoppers Program. 803 Alamo Road.  On Saturday, December 3rd, between 12 and 1:30am a burglar(s) stole a crowbar from the garage and used it to break in the door of Jack & Julie Cooper’s home.  They quickly stole  several items and left; the perpetrators apparently knew that the Coopers were both at a going-away luncheon for Tom Brown up near the front of the ranch..  Sherriff deputy Stifler responded quickly, collected evidence and took photos, and an investigator followed up on the crime.

507 Alamo Road. Jeff Dunn, a Houston police officer, had a break in and burglary of his tool shed between 2 August – 8 September.  Stolen were a weed eater, pole saw, chain-saw, and a pressure washer.

735 Deer Road (cul du sac at end).  Maryann Justman discovered on Saturday, 28 April, that burglars had broken in and crawled through a bathroom window. Items that were stolen were the most pawn-able:  A husqvarna chain saw, an electric miter saw, a DeWalt drill and extra battery and charger, a ukulele, another 3 string instrument called a strum stick, and my favorite chef’s knife.  Every closet, drawer, cabinet, box, bag, etc. was gone thru.

 649 Deer Road.  On Monday, 4 June, we learned that David Bell had reported a recent burglary/break-in of his home.

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Boerne Star Newspaper: 4 arrested on drug charges after chase
Posted: Friday, June 22, 2012 2:23 pm

“After an extensive manhunt aided by a Texas Department of Public Service helicopter, K-9 units and a private citizen, Kendall County deputies apprehended three men and a woman suspected of dealing methamphetamines and pills.

At about 6 p.m. June 12, deputies responded to a 911 call from a woman at 139 Hope Road in Comfort [sic:  Alamo Springs] who reported a disturbance at her home involving drugs and a firearm. As the homeowner called 911, three men and a woman fled the house by car, and were intercepted on Old No. 9 by deputies responding to the initial distress call.

When deputies initiated a traffic stop, the suspects sped up and tried to evade officers, before finally pulling over. Two men ran from the car, and deputies arrested the remaining occupants, Anthony Lee Rendon, 36, and Michelle Fowler, 34.

Deputies then requested a DPS helicopter and K-9 support to help locate the fleeing suspects, later identified as Anthony Sloan, 36, and Thomas Marcheleovich, 45. Law enforcement continued to search for the suspects at large, and Sloan was located in the 600 block of FM 473 after a tip from a passerby who reported a suspicious person.

Marcheleovich was apprehended the following day without incident.

During a search of the escape vehicle, deputies found large amounts of methamphetamines and prescription medications. All four suspects were placed in custody on a variety of charges, including possession with intent to deliver, possession of dangerous drugs and evading arrest or detention. Both Marcheleovich and Sloan have extensive criminal records.”