Update: TPWD Parking Lot Construction

Wondering why the parking lot construction appears to be a never ending project???? Well, wonder no more. A TPWD representative let me know that, hopefully, the construction should end by late August…maybe.

It began late last year and was delayed due to rains. When the weather cleared up the paving continued. But then the rains came again.  When the heavy equipment resumed their work again they began sinking into holes in the new pavement. The TPWD representative said that the heavy rains fortified some natural springs under the pavement that compromised the pavement. Back to the drawing board….

TPWD then had to install some special filtering system that would allow spring water to drain from under the pavement and away from the parking lot. So now the work continues and, if the weather cooperates, the lot should be completed near summer’s end.

Nuff said.